Registration open 4:15pm Fridays, 7:30am racedays

Tech Inspection Fri.6-8pm, Sat.-Sun. 7:30-12:00pm.
Racer entry closes 11:30 am.

Time Trials 9:00am-12:30 pm. Eliminations 1:00-7:00pm

​​Do not start race engines before 8:30am,
Race engines must be shut down by 7:00pm.

ALL powered pit vehicles must be parked after 9:00PM

May17 test/tune season opener

May18 2nd points all classes

 May30 MLAuto Friday Street Legal Drag nite

May31 Points all classes

*June 1 Points all classes

guaranteed FULL payouts*


JUNE 1, JUNE14, JUNE 28, JULY 13, JULY 26, AUG 16, SEPT 7

Sponsored by: Greiner Ford, Caspar Building Systems, & Wyoming Machinery

April 26 Track Cleanup (tasks will be posted soon)

May3 2nd Track Cleanup (if needed)